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Thanks for checking out my music!

Bellow is a series of videos showcasing some of the work I've done in recent years as a professional musician.  Each set of videos is a sample of the genres I've spent time studying and practicing.

Next to each section is a brief explanation of  the showcase. The recording quality range from professional to practice sessions caught on a phone camera. 

If you like what you hear and are looking to collaborate, please contact me here


Poetry and creative writing has always been a large part of my life. Songwriting has given those words a showcase. 

My original music can best be described as traditional folk music with an influence of jazz and pop. 



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Panchromatic Steel

Panchromatic Steel is a steel pan band based in Madison Wisconsin. They play a variety styles including: jazz, pop, calypso, and traditional panorama style tunes. 

I've been playing steel pan for 10+ years and was involved with Panchromatic Steel from 2018-2021.