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D[re]am Construction Collection (2023)

In this third reflection on the original collection "Dreamscapes," the artist continues to explore The Dream. Finding balance between intention and spontaneity, Reynolds develops a new style and takes the viewer into the depths of neon.
Celestial, earthly, and psychedelic themes paired with the artist's spiritual and mindfulness practices make this collection a reflection on life, the universe, and everything.

Reynolds encourages viewers of their work to adapt this perspective:
“We are all made from light; the scraps of stardust that have been recycled and reused endlessly since the beginning of time. I invite you to go back into that time when you were only light. Imagine what ancient memories you might unlock re-living yourself flying across the universe at 186,000 miles/second. No body, no thoughts, just experiencing the universe as consciousness.
I'd like to imagine my art as something you have seen while flying through space, on the way to where you are now.”
Please enjoy D[re]am Construction.

*all works are photographed under black or white light with no editing or color correcting.

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